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watch Gluten Free Grains from Oregon

enter Big River Grains is committed to naturally growing, harvesting, processing and distributing the highest quality gluten free grains and products. Our goal is to be the Gold Standard for gluten free grains and products.

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enter http://hrminnovations.com/category/michigan/page/2/ We Are A Gluten Intolerant Family

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follow link We are a gluten intolerant family with an extremely gluten sensitive daughter. Since her diagnosis and recovery, we have seen what cross-contamination can do to undermine months of careful, vigilant eating. We have decades of experience in agriculture and decided to use our savings and knowledge to help other families like us get quality, non cross-contaminated, gluten free grains.  That’s how Big River Grains was born.

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Nonlinearity Of Amoxicillin Absorption Kinetics In Human here Our “Gluten Free Promise”

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  • Grown Gluten Free
  • Transported Gluten Free
  • Stored Gluten Free
  • Handled Gluten Free
  • All to minimize the chance of cross-contamination!

http://alisonleighlilly.com/blog/2011/why-druidry/ for click Grown Gluten Free

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http://codesky.co.uk/?add-to-cart=733 For much of our grains we contract with carefully selected farmers in Oregon’s pristine Willamette Valley who meet a rigid set of criteria. To maintain purity for all of our grains we look at things such as how close wheat fields are to the Big River Grain Crop, whether the field has grown a gluten crop in recent years, whether harvesting and transport equipment is used for gluten containing grains.  If the grains are stored at the grower’s location, we inspect to insure that no air transmission of particulates with gluten can occur or that there’s no cross contamination due to any residual gluten grain hiding  in corners or crevices.

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follow see url Transported Gluten Free

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follow link We only work with a small number of transport companies who understand our requirements to prevent cross-contamination. We go outside the usual grain transportation chain thereby avoiding companies who handle gluten laden grains  We will return loads of grains that are not handled to our specifications.


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go We have NEVER had (and we never will have) gluten grains in our processing, warehouse or storage facility, eliminating the most likely source of contamination.

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watch source Ground Gluten Free


http://wellbeingclinic.com/?attachment_id=8315/feed/ We have a dedicated gluten free mill that we use to grind all of our grains on our own property.  No sources of contamination, everything is  under our complete control.


go Can I Buy Cytotec In Mercury Drugstore Committed to Limit Cross Contamination 


Priligy Online We CARE about YOUR health, We UNDERSTAND Cross Contamination, and We TAKE EVERY MEASURE POSSIBLE to get you the highest quality gluten free products.  This isn’t just a business, this is our mission…understand our Passion for Gluten free and elimination of cross-contamination by reading our story.

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